MINDsoft's Products

MINDsoft provides the follwoing products to its local clients..

  • Interactive Voice Response System (M-IVR )
  • MINDsoft Customer Relation Management (M-CRM)
  • Point Of Sale System (M-POS)
  • Institute Management System (M-IMS)
  • Online Testing System (M-OTS)
  • Hotel Management System (M-HMS)

MINDsoft provides specialized products for the following fields:

  • Desktop applications:
    To meet your business needs, your company has to respond to the market, exploit opportunities, and satisfy customers. In today's market, these factors all depend upon the timely, open, and rapid flow of information. Only the businesses that can process and distribute the right information at the right time and to the right places are going to succeed.
    We deliver cost-effective, flexible, and complex applications that can be used from any platform. We also develop highly efficient, user-friendly interfaces that allow you to get business done as quickly as possible. We design software applications for our customers using structured methodologies that reduce complexity and risk while maintaining a reasonable price and delivering attractive client-server applications.

    We will help you develop customized software solutions and assist you throughout the entire Software Development Life Cycle, including requirement management, systems analysis and design, software development, implementation, and training, with our robust project management practices.

    We are equipped with a wide variety of state-of-the-art programming tools and platforms for desktop applications. Our strong technical capabilities will ensure that the client-server products and services we deliver meet your needs and expectations.

  • Web applications/ websites / CMS systems / Portals / Ecommerce:
    Data access is moving online because of the increasing power of the web and new web technologies that make it a fast, reliable way to transmit information from across the room or across the globe. There are many applications now that are best suited to a web environment than a classic client-server schema.

    We offer a full range of custom web development services. We can help you create a feature-rich online storefront to sell your products and services, an intranet application to distribute information securely to your employees, or an extranet application to facilitate communication between your company and your clients or vendors.

    Our applications are 100% cross-browser compatible and use the latest technologies to leverage performance, stability, and security.

  • PDA & Embedded systems:
    There's a new trend in wireless telecommunications: Internet connectivity and database interaction via handheld devices. As more people buy wireless handheld devices such as Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) and cellular phones, the demand to access online resources increases. We develop software for PDAs (Palm & Pocket PC) and for embedded systems (Java Mobile) on cellular phones.

  • Payment Gateway Integration:
    Many web applications, such as storefronts and shopping carts, need a way to receive payment from customers. We have a lot of experience developing payment gateway applications, and we are able to integrate any payment gateway you need, both for your desktop and for your web applications.

  • Document Management Systems:
    We are able to build a custom Document Management System from scratch to your specifications. Or, if you prefer the convenience of an established Open Source DMS package, we can customize MyDMS to meet your needs.

  • OpenSource Customizations:
    As Open Source evangelists, we encourage the use of Open Source products where appropriate, and we are able to tailor any Open Source software to your specific needs.

  • Cross-platform development:
    We can build any desktop application to work on both Windows and Linux, and we design every web application to work on any browser.